Transformer plant, Nyíregyháza

The company was established for the overhauling and maintenance of medium- and high-voltage oil-cooled and dry-type electric power transformers.

The transformer plant in Nyíregyháza had been established in the 1930s by the legal predecessors of the current energy supplier, and in 1998 it was acquired by BanKonzult Ltd.

To survive, the Company had to be prepared to be capable of performing new tasks that by now include installation and maintenance work on electric power networks to which appropriate technology has been acquired such as transport and cage lifting vehicles and one-level oil treatment equipment.

The plant has round 4000m2 built-up area, the main parts of it are the transformer assembly and winding workshop, testing laboratory with power generators and test chambers, as well as complete oil treatment technology with oil tanks, vacuum centrifuge, an oil testing laboratory, measuring transformer calibrating equipment, paint room and offices.

The Company performs overhauling and maintenance of medium-voltage transformers in workshop, and on-site maintenance and repair of 120 kV transformers.

Reconstruction of the plant has made necessary significant technological acquisitions such as transportation facilities, on-site oil treatment, public lighting construction trucks etc., resulting in retraining and increasing the technical staff for the new tasks.

The staff number of the Transformer Plant is round 50.

To live up to the demand of modern times, the Company's quality insurance system meets ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 14001:2005 requirements, attested with valid certificate.  


BanKonzult Kft. Transzformátorüzem

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