We have established our institute in the year of 2006 with the aim to provide the people a possibility to get expert help according to the holistic cure.  

Our conviction is: by the cure it is not enough to see only one organ, to find the best treatment we must see the problems of the body and soul together.

Our aim is to provide the people a possibility to make their lifes healthier and happier.

We are waiting for our guests after registration in advance.


   1.) Measure of the health conditions of our guest

You can get a reliable picture about your body and soul conditions and we give you reliable life style leading suggestions. 

Moreover you get a gift, too! This is a special detoxication and O2-treatment (“SPA-detoxicate treatment”).

2.) SPA–detoxication treatment - 10 occasions subscription

Our world tomorrow is full with enviromental pollution and additives we might forget that these factors can influence our organism in a very negative way.

These are the reasons, why the systemic detoxication is important.

Are treatment is combined with a special O2-treatment, so after this you can feel you as you would be full renewed.

One of the 10 accasions is a gift for you!

Your body will repay the care!

3.) 6 type of massage

You need some spoiling? Choose from our special massage-treatments!

> Peeling-massage: spoiling massage with essential oils, witch removes the necrosed epidermic cells, besides it has a slimming effect and the cellulit problems can be solved succesfully.

> Spoiling bodymassage: this is a massage with special cremes.

> CHI-machine: during this treatment with the help of the oscillation of the machine  the hidden energiereserves of the body can be setted free.

> Massage with “Jade” stone: with our special massage bed it is possibile to give a massage to the muscles next to the vertebral column. The cure effect of the “Jade” stone influences beneficial the function of our body, too.

> Repositional massage: after muscle relaxation expert reducing of the bones.

> Sole-massage: on some parts of our body – for example on the sole or palm – are our inner organs reflected (reflexzones). Thanks to this the sole-massage has a harmonize effect on the whole body and we can mobilize the selfcureforces of the organism.

4.) Mud-cure

Skin-rejuvenating treatment with the help of mud from Finnland. It has a very good effect on pain in the joins, skinproblems and cellulite problems, moreover it has detoxicational effect, too.

With this treatment we can bring into our organism aminoacids and enzyms.

5.) Infrasauna

Because of the lying position it is more comfortable as the traditional saunas.

It has excellent detoxicational effect, therefore it is recommended for strenghtening the immunsystem or treatment of the cellulit problems. It formes the figure ideal.

6.) Hypoxi-trainer

This is a bycicle with vacuum.

With 25-30 minutes usage it has a slimming effect.

7.) Galileo-cellulite program

Through oscillation it stimulate the musclegroups, hereby it helps to disappear the signs of the cellulite.

8.)  Physiotron-treatment

There is a machine wich cause magnetic field and with the help of this magnetic field we can mobilize the selfcureforces of the organism. The usage of this machine provides better condition.

9.) Nelson-treatment

This machine works with the help of the bioresonance. In this way the illness can be detected and treated in an early stage, when there are deformities only in the cells.

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