Bankonzult Ltd

The Ltd. was established in 1995 with HUF 25 million nominal capital. Based on the extensive business and international relationships of its owners, it performs financial and economic consultancy and overall management of investments.

ááááá BanKonzult has an increasing turn over year by year and realize an increasing profit, as a consequence the nominal capital was raised from the starting HUF 25 million to HUF 140 million.

ááááá The Ltd. developed to a holding in the last years, several firms were established for arrange the activities of the several branches beside BanKonzult, the main firm.

Main branches ofá business:

-áááá Real estate investments, architectural planning

-áááá Investments in electrical industry, trade of electrical equipment

-áááá Operation of catering and tourism

-áááá Health investments

-áááá Managing of property of the State

-áááá Producing and service in electrical industry

-áááá Trade of electric power

The decisive business objective of the company is to support the most successful and top companies of the region in establishing and strengthening their strategic market positions. In the cases of capital investments made by foreigners, the company collaborates with its market information, it provides consultancy and expertise to privatisation.

ááááá It has extensive partner connections and manifold experiences in several areas of the economy, such as industry, trade and services. Investments involve the establishment or purchase of industrial plants, regional sales networks, and shopping centre as greenfield investment.

ááááá The BanKonzult Ltd. performs with significant practice the due diligence works preceding the taking over of companies, the preparatory work and conclusion of contract systems related to buyout.

ááááá The company has a specialised expert team to fulfil the legal, economic and company management tasks necessary to be performed to the restructuring of the companies taken over in the above described way. In the course of its business evaluations the BanKonzult Ltd. is the first in Hungary who applies the company evaluation methods of the Mc Kinsey ? Co.

ááááá The BanKonzult Ltd. supports the managements of newly established companies in creating correct organisational structure and systems that are inevitable for making proper decisions. For its clients the Ltd. performs broad scale financial consultancy concerning the optimal availability of resources and the outlay of funds being available for a short or long period of time. In the case of borrowing its close connections with the domestic and international money and capital markets ensure the necessary access. The Ltd. offers to ensure several financing opportunities to its clients either for short term; or with temporary nature, or for long term, which are related to the given transaction in a specialised way. It is able to provide equity capital on the basis of its daily contact maintained with trust companies holding institutional or risk capitals.

ááááá In the field of commercial deals the company has excellent experiences in connection with power industry, industrial equipment and components, and real estate affairs.

ááááá The BanKonzult Ltd. pays special attention in each case that with its organic growth it could offer innovative and success promising complete solutions to its clients. Its objective is to utilise the opportunities provided by its organisation and capabilities of its available expert staff, as well as its above outlined position to the benefit of itsá partners by working out "win/win" solutions. The Ltd. performs its activities for the investor side, taking special care of preserving its professional integrity and avolding potential interest conflicts. So the Ltd. can quarantee exellent business solutions for the company's partners.

Seat : Budapest, 1118 Kelenhegyi ˙t 39

Tel/fax :(0036-1) 279-2310

Established : 1995.02.02

Tax Nr :12018059-2-43

Trade register Nr : 01-09-368182